Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Monday, July 25th 2011. | Wedding Invitations

Wedding shower invitation wordingWedding Shower Invitation Wording

is the way of the couple to let their guests know about the theme of wedding shower. There are some examples about wedding shower invitation wording that can be used as good references for wedding shower. Things that you need to enclose in wedding shower invitation wording are the bride’s full name, may include the groom’s name, date, time, location, RSVP name and number, and date to RSVP by. Other information that you can insert in your wedding shower invitation wording is where the bride is registered, theme of shower or gifts, for example garden shower, lingerie shower, etc. the date of the wedding, and host’s name. If this wedding shower is a surprise, then you need to inform your guests about when the bride is expected to arrive. It means that your guests know what time they should arrive. There are two kinds of wedding shower invitation wording. There will be different words if you hold a traditional wedding shower or modern wedding shower. Above is a simple direction for wedding shower invitation wording that might be suitable to be applied to your wedding shower theme. If you need other references, you can find wedding shower invitation wording examples through the internet or you may discuss it with friends or family. Remember, if this is a surprise wedding shower then you need to plan it well and make the best wedding shower invitation wording. Remember that if it is a surprise wedding shower, make sure that all of your friends will help you in planning the best wedding shower for the bride.

Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

is a crucial thing. So you need to pay more attention to it. Do not forget to make it simple, clear, and natural.

Remember to inform your guests if it is a surprise wedding shower for the bride. Give brief information, so your guests know what they should do.

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