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Wedding Favor Playing Cards for Fun Favor

January 12, 2014 By: admin Category: Wedding Ideas

Wedding Favor Playing Cards for Fun FavorWedding Favor Playing Cards

is the right wedding favor idea for those of who like something unique and simple. Card game is a game that is quite popular worldwide and there are several versions of the card game that quite easy to play. Cards could be the right choice of wedding favor because it is not only simple but it must be useful for the guests because it can be played when they have free time. Wedding favor playing cards can also be designed according to your wishes so that the wedding favor playing cards will looks so special and unique, not like the usual game of cards.

Wedding Favor Playing Cards Themes

There are a lot of wedding favor makers wedding favor playing cards and usually they already have some designs of themes for the wedding favor playing cards to choose. A couple of bells, kings and queens, flowers, and a silhouette of couple image are some examples of wedding favor playing cards common themes. You can choose the themes based on the colors and also the design but if you have your own themes for the wedding favor playing cards you can ask the wedding favor maker to make the cards you order suit with the design you wishes.

You can use your own picture to be the theme for the wedding favor playing cards and you should choose the picture that you think the best. If you don’t want to use your own picture but you can use the graphic design work as well, you can also make the design yourself and give the design to the wedding favor maker. To make the playing cards totally different, you can also choose the font for your playing cards that suit your desire then you should to write your and your partner’s name clearly because your name will be printed on the wedding favor playing cards.

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