Old Wedding Gowns Can Find A New Life

When buying a wedding dress, women take their time. They want the dress to be the perfect one, to fit right and to convey either their personality or their fantasy. The dress must also be in tune with the type of wedding, from simple to extravagant, and turn the bride into the center of attention. But what happens to the wedding dress gown after the celebration? “It turns yellow and […]

Wedding Websites Now Offer Curious Guests The Chance To Find Out Much More About Prenuptial Couples (Part 1)

No barbecues for me this summer. No beach blanket bingo. No picnics in the park. I’m booked. I’ve been invited to no fewer than five weddings. For weeks the invites to engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and hen nights have been pouring in. It’s not that I’m extraordinarily popular, or glamorous or even the life-of-the-party type. It seems that at 26 I have hit “that age” – that age when all […]

Quilt Designs Of Earlier Era

The Worcester Historical Museum’s quilt and needlework show presents hobbyists and professional quilters a special challenge this year. Quilters were asked to wedding ring designs a quilt including specially chosen fabrics that have patterns suggestive of the 1830s. “With all the fabulous fabrics that are out there these days, we no longer deal with “ditsy’ calicoes,” said Gail Rowe, a professional quilter from Southborough. “We have wonderful, wonderful prints that […]

Diamond Solitaire Wedding Rings

Diamond Solitaire Wedding Rings

Diamond Solitaire Wedding Rings can be a perfect way to surprise your fiancée and make her feels like the luckiest bride in the world. The wedding ring is something you should think at the very first time right when you plan your marriage. As the symbol of love and marriage, the wedding rings become so important and you may say it is the most important part of a marriage. No […]

bridal wear 2

Appropriate Bridal Wear

Are you looking for the appropriate bridal wear? Just read this article and then you will find the best bridal wear for your wedding. Whatever the type of scheduled event, the choice of silhouette is an important decision. Check out our tips below.   Wedding dress A-line: Flattering wedding dresses A-line “shape trapezium is an ally universal woman. Its cut, slightly flared fit you instead of making them unsightly, creating […]

Wedding Party Complete Preparation

Wedding Party Complete Preparation

Indeed marriage is a very draining event attention. Wedding preparation generally takes at least about 8-12 months if things do yourself. If you do not have time for it, make use of services wedding organizer who generally takes about 6-8 months. Actually what the hell, to be prepared? 1. Determining the wedding date Although basically all day was good, harmless favorites include the date and month as the wedding date. […]

50 year wedding anniversary

50 year Wedding Anniversary Celebration

50 year wedding anniversary is definitely one best day to celebrate. Do you have a plan to have 50 year wedding anniversary? The following article will be useful if you want to prepare 50 year wedding anniversary. Anniversary, it means keeping something happened years earlier. A 50 year wedding anniversary for example, is a cause for celebration with loved ones and closest friends. On one side is the silver wedding […]


Wedding Photo Booth Ideas for Your Special Wedding Occasion

Having funny and unique wedding photo booth ideas would be something nice. However, you might think where to get such ideas? Sometimes it is not easy to have an impressive idea that would match up with your wish and will appear as splendid thing,

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