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Wedding Guide to Prepare the Wedding

Wedding Guide to Prepare the WeddingIf you are searching for the wedding guide article you are already in the right article. Obviously we all want our wedding to be perfect and memorable, it is your special day to remember, for better or for worse, the rest of our days. That is why this wedding guide article will help you make your wedding perfect.  The best way to do this and do not take last minute unpleasant surprises is wedding planning. Slowly, slowly, but especially with time should be planned to the smallest detail. Nothing must be left to chance, the good organization of the wedding is essential. A small calendar that can be taken as a reference would be:     A year earlier, as a minimum, must decide the precise wedding date. Read more…

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Wedding Planning Season Starts This Weekend (2)

Wedding Planning Season Starts This Weekend (2)The trends

Going to a wedding show can open up your eyes to what’s out there, Tooman said. She is a merchant at The Wedding Party Show, which happens this weekend at the Boise Centre on The Grove.

The East and West coasts tend to drive the trends you see in bridal magazines. Idaho is a little behind them.

“Those magazines are for very expensive weddings. People here tend to be a little more down to earth and practical,” Tooman said. “They focus on things that are important, like spending time with their guests.” Read more…

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More Honeymooners Eye Hawaii, Bride’s Magazine Says

Hawaii is getting a big chunk out of the $8.2 billion honeymoon business. According to a recent study, Bride’s Magazine reports that newlyweds who escape to Hawaii right after their nuptials stay longer and spend more than other newlyweds who go to other honeymoon destinations. Bride’s Magazine is a publication for soon-to-be brides.

“Especially in a softer economy, anyone seeking to attract the leisure travel sector must identify and target honeymooners as consumers who are guaranteed travelers:’ says Nina Lawrence, the magazine publisher.

Of the more than 2.4 million couples who plan to marry this year, 16 percent will spend their honeymoon in Hawaii, placing the islands second as a desired honeymoon destination right behind the Caribbean, which garnered 25 percent of the votes.

The magazine’s survey found couples stay in the islands an average of 10 days, which is 27 percent longer than the average honeymoon stay of 7.8 days. Also, honeymooners here spend $5,028, or 35 percent more than couples at other destinations.

In comparison to leisure travelers, honeymooners stay 200 percent longer than the average 3.4 days and spend 586 percent more than the average of $885. The newlyweds also visit multiple islands; Maui and Kauai were their top picks, according to the survey.

Year to date, according to the state Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism, 77,000 newlyweds came to Hawaii, 37,728 from west of the Rockies and 39,279 from east of the Rockies.

Besides a place to come for a honeymoon, Hawaii’s reputation as a destination wedding place is also growing. Hawaii ranked No. 1 as a destination for weddings with an average guest list of 46 family and friends.

“We are very busy,” says Howie Welfeld, president of A Ala Aloha Above Heaven’s Gate, which specializes in weddings. Welfeld, who is a nondenominational national minister, has been performing weddings for the past 25 years and says business has been steady.

Most of his clients are from the mainland and Canada who come here to exchange their vows in a private, serene setting off the beaten path, Welfeld’s specialty. Weddings cost from $65 to $2,000 – a mere fraction of a regular church wedding with a reception – including a photographer, flowers, video production and limousine service.

Most of the weddings are quaint and not the run-of-the mill weddings, he says.

“We only do one wedding a day, unlike most companies that stack them [weddings],” he says. “We stay away from very popular places like Diamond Head Beach Park where it’s a production [and] you wait in line.”

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Old Wedding Gowns Can Find A New Life

When buying a wedding dress, women take their time. They want the dress to be the perfect one, to fit right and to convey either their personality or their fantasy. The dress must also be in tune with the type of wedding, from simple to extravagant, and turn the bride into the center of attention.

But what happens to the wedding dress gown after the celebration?

“It turns yellow and goes to a garage sale,” said Lola Voss, a young married woman.

Mrs. Voss said when she married 2 1/2 years ago, she thought of turning her wedding dress into a different gown. But the reality is the dress is still sitting in a closet.

“I have a different outlook on life,” said the 23-year-old. “I didn’t want to use my grandmother’s wedding dress and I don’t expect my daughter to wear mine.”

Most women like to keep their dresses as heirlooms. Others donate them to the Salvation Army or other thrift stores, or reuse the beading and material for crafts or other gowns.

Mrs. Voss said she is still not sure what she will do with Read more…

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Diehards Enjoy Their Day Of Days

This is a story about allegiance, about unwavering, nearly incomprehensible fandom. It’s about wedding ring tattoos, a football-themed wedding, a living room shrine and a father-son pilgrimage to Jacksonville. It’s about Philadelphia Eagles fans.

It’s about crossing that shadowy point of no return where Sunday’s armchair fan becomes the painted face in the stands, where the team logo makes its way onto the mantel next to portrait of the tow-headed son, where championships won or lost are afforded the prime mental real estate next to memories of births and marriages.

For the true blue, or rather true green, Eagles fan, today is certainly a long time coming — 24 years of nail biting, television- cursing endurance. For Bashir Woods, whether the Birds win or lose, Read more…

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Couple Seeks Wedding Gown’s Rightful Owner

The “Lost and Found” classified section is a sad part of the daily newspaper, carrying all those stories squeezed into just a few lines of precious things that are lost and yearned for.

Mostly it’s pets – cats and dogs and the occasional bird. Now and then it’s jewelry or a watch. Sometimes the items have been found; more usually, lost. The ads try, in the little space they have, to tell the reader how much the loss is felt. “Reward.” “Of sentimental value.” “Sad children.”

Tuesday I noticed an item I had never seen there before. “found wedding gown,” the ad read. I wondered how anyone could lose a lazaro wedding gowns, and more, why someone would bother to advertise that they had found it.

The finders are Richard and Carmela Millett, both 69, a retired couple who live in a small cozy house at the corner of Massasoit Road and Lamar Avenue. They spotted the bag on Lamar Avenue last Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving.

“I got up and I saw a white bag in the middle of the road,” Richard Millett said. “The cars were steering around it. This is a busy road, because people use it as a shortcut up to Grafton Street. I looked at it a couple of hours before I did anything. When my wife came down I pointed it out to her. She said, “Did you look at it yet?’ I said, “No.’ She said, Read more…

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Quilt Designs Of Earlier Era

The Worcester Historical Museum’s quilt and needlework show presents hobbyists and professional quilters a special challenge this year. Quilters were asked to wedding ring designs a quilt including specially chosen fabrics that have patterns suggestive of the 1830s.

“With all the fabulous fabrics that are out there these days, we no longer deal with “ditsy’ calicoes,” said Gail Rowe, a professional quilter from Southborough. “We have wonderful, wonderful prints that are all different.

“So the challenge is to take some unique fabric and see what each individual sees in the fabric and then, of course, what she does with it.”

People can see what these crafters have done when the Salisbury Mansion Needlework and Quilt Show opens Thursday. Quilts will be shown from 1 to 4 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays at the Worcester Historical Museum, 30 Elm St. The show runs through May 1.

The needlework can be seen at those same times at the Salisbury Mansion, 40 Highland St. Entries will include a vest, Read more…

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Wedding Websites Now Offer Curious Guests The Chance To Find Out Much More About Prenuptial Couples (Part 2)

But the possibilities provided by the internet seem to have elevated wedding hairstyles to a whole new level of self-absorption. The Big Day has always been considered special, worthy of an entire photo album; even, more recently, of a videotape. But weddings today have become bizarre expressions of ego and self-image, projected around the world in cyberspace. Want proof? Have a look at

I’m amazed at some of the soon-to-be-wives in my life. Good friends and seemingly reasonable people, but put an engagement ring on their finger and all sense of propriety seems to evaporate.

Take my friend Betrothed Betty. BB has her heart set on being a featured in the New York Times Vows section with her as the reporter. She is planning a so-called destination wedding where she has instructed guests to spend an entire three-day weekend frolicking in the environs of her hometown. Her wedding website would warm the heart of Read more…

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Wedding Websites Now Offer Curious Guests The Chance To Find Out Much More About Prenuptial Couples (Part 1)

No barbecues for me this summer. No beach blanket bingo. No picnics in the park. I’m booked. I’ve been invited to no fewer than five weddings. For weeks the invites to engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and hen nights have been pouring in. It’s not that I’m extraordinarily popular, or glamorous or even the life-of-the-party type. It seems that at 26 I have hit “that age” – that age when all my friends and family members in splendid synchronicity decide to pledge their lives to someone else. In public. On successive summer weekends.

But there is something different about hitting “that age” in the era of the internet. Prospective guests are a lucky bunch, for along with these invitations and save-the-date cards, come instructions to log on to various wedding websites – both homemade and corporate affiliated – to learn more about the prenuptial couple.

As a child of the information age, I dutifully enter the URL of each of the couples whose wedding I will be attending in June. A gleaming, beaming photo of the betrothed greets me. And, as expected, there are handy links to Selfridges, Read more…

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Elegant Wedding Invitations Set the Style for the Perfect Wedding

Elegant Wedding Invitations Set the Style for the Perfect WeddingWell, the most traditional puts the wedding invitation in the bride’s parents’ voice, but I would say that just as many brides and grooms today choose to use their own voices. They are just more independent and more involved in their weddings. After all, in the traditional rsvp wording the title of the bride is “daughter of” and the groom is “Master” or “Doctor.” But I have noticed that as independent as we’ve become, we quite often in life’s big moments-like birth and marriage-return to tradition and to what is customary in our background, so many brides do still choose to use the parents’ voice. I think it’s a way– during life’s scary moments–to feel a part of a continuum. Read more…

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On Your Mark, Get Set Go: Wedding Dress Sale At Filene’s Basement

Tina Wrubel of Worcester planned to have her brother Tony run interference while she and her mom dashed to the rack. Pamela Pouliot of Uxbridge figured she’d simply grab all the size 8s. Julia Sabol of Auburn and her mother, Phyliss, meanwhile, decided to go with the classic pincer movement maneuver.

“She’ll go to one end of the rack. I’ll go to the other, and we’ll work toward the middle,” said Sabol as she clung to the coveted first-in-line spot outside Filene’s Basement store in Worcester Center yesterday. “Divide and conquer, that’s our plan.”

The strategies were as different as their dress sizes, but for some 50 or so brides-to-be yesterday, the goal was the same: wedding dress prices that won’t kill them. “In a nutshell, I want a cheap dress,” Read more…

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Brides Today Go For Simple But Elegant In White Wedding Cakes

Brides Today Go For Simple But Elegant In White Wedding CakesSpring and fall are the busiest times of year for local wedding cake bakers. It’s not so much that love is in the air then, it’s that the stiffing humidity is not, area pastry chefs say.

“Contrary to popular belief, most weddings here are not in June. They happen in March, April and May. Summer is real slow, and things crank up again in October and November,” says Rick Clayton, who has worked as director of catering at Le Meridian Hotel for the past seven years.

Couples’ preference for the cooler, drier months bodes well for local bakeries: Buttercream icing, widely used on white wedding cakes, holds up much better in such weather, says Janina Simmons, director of sales at independent caterer Food Art. Read more…

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