Wedding Websites Now Offer Curious Guests The Chance To Find Out Much More About Prenuptial Couples (Part 1)

No barbecues for me this summer. No beach blanket bingo. No picnics in the park. I’m booked. I’ve been invited to no fewer than five weddings. For weeks the invites to engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and hen nights have been pouring in. It’s not that I’m extraordinarily popular, or glamorous or even the life-of-the-party type. It seems that at 26 I have hit “that age” – that age when all […]

More Honeymooners Eye Hawaii, Bride’s Magazine Says

Hawaii is getting a big chunk out of the $8.2 billion honeymoon business. According to a recent study, Bride’s Magazine reports that newlyweds who escape to Hawaii right after their nuptials stay longer and spend more than other newlyweds who go to other honeymoon destinations. Bride’s Magazine is a publication for soon-to-be brides. “Especially in a softer economy, anyone seeking to attract the leisure travel sector must identify and target […]

Old Wedding Gowns Can Find A New Life

When buying a wedding dress, women take their time. They want the dress to be the perfect one, to fit right and to convey either their personality or their fantasy. The dress must also be in tune with the type of wedding, from simple to extravagant, and turn the bride into the center of attention. But what happens to the wedding dress gown after the celebration? “It turns yellow and […]

Wedding Insurance Comparison

Wedding Insurance Comparison

What is the importance of wedding insurance? Well, you be really happy to have a wedding insurance when you finally need it. According to the insurance you purchase, the cost of delayed marriage may be reimbursed. You spend on flowers, the reception place reservations, limousine service and many more could be reimbursed if you have more money to spend on the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Websites Now Offer Curious Guests The Chance To Find Out Much More About Prenuptial Couples (Part 2)

But the possibilities provided by the internet seem to have elevated wedding hairstyles to a whole new level of self-absorption. The Big Day has always been considered special, worthy of an entire photo album; even, more recently, of a videotape. But weddings today have become bizarre expressions of ego and self-image, projected around the world in cyberspace. Want proof? Have a look at I’m amazed at some of the […]

wedding ceremony script samples

Prepare the Wedding Ceremony Script

Below you will find a template that contains the wedding ceremony script for a civil wedding. There are various options of wedding ceremony script. Again, the advantage you have when organizing a civil wedding is that you have almost total freedom to have everything done to your liking. In fact, if you decided to marry on a farm and a person officiate specialist in this type of ceremony, probably will […]

Wedding Cake Icing Ideas

Wedding Cake Icing Ideas

Wedding Cake Icing ideas are something you should think about if you want to get the best wedding cake. The wedding cake is an important part of wedding because this is not only a cake to eat but it is can also complete the decoration. When you want to order the wedding cake there are some things you should consider about the wedding cake and the wedding cake icing ideas […]

Marble Wedding Cakes

Marble Wedding Cakes

Marble Wedding Cakes are one of the most favorite wedding cakes and you can choose it as your wedding cake. The wedding cake is more than cakes to eat but it is part of the whole wedding. The wedding cake will make the wedding decoration more alive because the wedding cake usually comes in beautiful appearance. There are a lot of kinds of

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