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Black and White Wedding Theme

A wedding theme black and white  is an elegant and brilliant. This color combination always looks spectacular, relatively easy to implement. When considered together with the wedding invitations, wedding theme, flowers, reception decorations and place cards on the table, gifts, wedding favors and wedding dresses. Apply to coordinate thewedding color theme in all aspects of your wedding day choice. Wedding Invitation A wedding invitation designed in black and white is easily […]

Couple Seeks Wedding Gown’s Rightful Owner

The “Lost and Found” classified section is a sad part of the daily newspaper, carrying all those stories squeezed into just a few lines of precious things that are lost and yearned for. Mostly it’s pets – cats and dogs and the occasional bird. Now and then it’s jewelry or a watch. Sometimes the items have been found; more usually, lost. The ads try, in the little space they have, […]

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Wedding Dresses with Sleeves for the Winter Wedding

The winter season is the cold season which can make you feel uneasy to do your activity. In the winter season, the snow will drop and make everything looks white. The snow changed the view to be more wonderful. Although it is cold, there is many wedding couple who want to held their wedding ceremony and party in the winter. To protect the bride from the cold weather, the wedding dresses […]

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Wedding Gift for Bride that You Can Consider

Wedding Gift For Bride is pretty important to think about by the grooms who want to make the brides happy. Maybe some of you would think that wedding rings and the honeymoon is enough to please your partner, but what’s wrong to make her happier? Actually not just the groom who can give the wedding gift for bride but friends or family can also give wedding gift. But, the wedding gift given by the grooms will be different with the wedding gift from family or friends. The wedding gift for bride […]

Funny Bridal Shower Games

Funny Bridal Shower Games

Funny Bridal Shower Games are something you should think about if you want your bridal shower more awesome and fun. The bridal shower is a party that make for the bride to be and in the bridal shower, the guests usually will give the gifts for the bride. The bridal shower already became a custom since 1890 until today. In the past, the bridal shower has a purpose to

Funny Wedding Dresses Ideas

Funny Wedding Dresses Ideas

Funny Wedding Dresses are probably not too common and not everyone wanted to wear the funny wedding dresses. The wedding dress is very important for every woman who will get married. The wedding dress usually uses during the wedding ceremony and reception. As a special outfit, the wedding dress comes in the most beautiful appearance that usually made based on

White wedding flowers

White Wedding Flowers For You

A wedding is an event that is so special. At this event, people always try to give all the best. All the details are mended in order to make the wedding unforgettable. At first, people usually focus on the decoration of the wedding. The decoration is something that should be special. It should be authentic and unique. This is important to attract people’s attention on the day. Therefore, all the […]

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Prepare the Wedding Ceremony Script

Below you will find a template that contains the wedding ceremony script for a civil wedding. There are various options of wedding ceremony script. Again, the advantage you have when organizing a civil wedding is that you have almost total freedom to have everything done to your liking. In fact, if you decided to marry on a farm and a person officiate specialist in this type of ceremony, probably will […]

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