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How Much Wedding Cakes Cost?

How Much Wedding Cakes Cost?The wedding cakes cost doesn’t have to be expensive. There is a simple dessert with the cake still the old Roman tradition that said the wedding cake is the first meal as husband and wife share, so it better be a cake cute and worth sharing and remembering. At other times, there was not much variety in wedding cakes issue. It was simple cakes of three or more separate floors, with white frosting, if any frosting flowers and a pair of figurines representing the bride and groom. Read more…

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Having Your Cake: The Possibilities Are Endless, And Some Choose None At All

One can just imagine the generational conflicts over wedding cakes. Modern daughter wants a Mad Hatter wedding cake. Mom and Dad are appalled.

Today, cupcakes wedding cakes, ice cream wedding cakes, two- flavored, three-flavored, designer or traditional. They can be formed into different shapes, have fondant appliques, or ribbons or fresh flowers. They can even be Styrofoam. (Some bakers will provide a fake cake for display purposes and the edible cake will be a sheet cake back in the kitchen where it will be cut and plated nicely.)

Or, there can be no cake at all. “Probably about 10 per cent of couples don’t have any cake at all,” says wedding planner Geneve McNally of An Event To Remember. “If the wedding cake is a secondary wedding dessert with the dinner, 70 per cent of the time, it’s tossed out. Catering staff see so many wedding cakes get tossed out. Rather than spend $800 on a cake, couples would rather put it toward making their wedding an amazing and worthwhile experience for the guests.” Read more…

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Fall Wedding Cakes Designs

Fall Wedding Cakes DesignsFall Wedding Cakes are something you have to find if you want to hold a wedding during the fall season

. Just like another wedding the fall wedding is also need a lot of preparation and you probably should think more about the fall wedding concept.

The fall wedding needs a bit more preparation because you cannot use the ordinary wedding equipments. There are lots of Read more…

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Wedding Cakes with Prices that You Can Afford

wedding cakes with prices
wedding cakes with prices

wedding cakes with prices

is information you must know.Then you have to read this article to get the complete wedding cakes with prices information. Before you buy the cakes it is important to check on the

wedding cakes with prices

Wedding cakes play a major role in the occasion of a wedding day. It is the centerpiece of all the food that is made to the guest. It also represents the couple being married.

If you are aware of price, then you need to know how much it should cost a cake. If you want to know how a cake would cost, then read this article. You can only learn a thing or two about the cake should cost. The cost of wedding cakes depends on the size, design and ingredients for the cake. The biggest cake, the more complex design would be made ​​on the price. Fondant cakes are more expensive than other cakes and butter cakes.

Additional costs if you want complex designs, such as castings, flowers, sugar by hand in vibrant color and detail added. Some experts say the average cost of a wedding cake is $ 543.00. If you think this is expensive, so try your guests as only half a slice. After the guests to eat only half of the cake and leave the other half on the table, Read more…

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Wedding Cake Risers are Important

Wedding cake risers
Wedding cake risers

Wedding cake risers

are one of the important elements in preparing the wedding cake. Read this article if you want to know why wedding cake risers are important. Not so important or important as the wedding dress of the bride or ideal for the home, particular attention should be given to wedding cake stands, also known as wedding cake risers. The wedding cake always plays one of the most interesting and special wedding ceremony.

The wedding cake should be in a leadership position and convergence are established for all to see that the bride and groom’s cake that is cut as a form of link that announces accepted at the beginning of the new sweet marriage. To this end, a state of good and stable marriage cake can be used. Types of

Wedding Cake risers

One of the most popular models is the wedding cake on three levels, it can keep this kind of support will be cake, usually have a square or round.

Like most wedding cakes is three layers of wedding cake are often either a) an un-raised cake plate, b) a support plate (raised flat or even on the table), or c) grew up a podium (in the middle by a kind of column) should . Glass, Read more…

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How to Make a Wedding Cake with a Cupcake

How to Make a Wedding Cake with a CupcakeDo you know how to make a wedding cake with a cupcake? Here are some steps about how to make a wedding cake with a cupcake. Wedding cakes made with cupcakes have become fashionable! Are easy to make and really reduce the cost when deciding on a delicious dessert for guests. You can decorate the cakes with color and specific details of your wedding theme. And you can also add a cake of a single story at the top level if you want! Make your favorite pastry preparation or making cash for you. Have all ingredients together and decide how many cakes you will need for cooking. Mixing the recipe is for cupcakes. Cover the pan with pirotines decorated cupcakes. Read more…

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Make Your Own White Wedding Cakes

Make Your Own White Wedding CakesBefore you start making white wedding cakes, it is important to define how much cake we need. A three-storey pastel round of 35, 25 and 15 inches in diameter each one is enough for 100 guests . Another point to consider is to make the white wedding cakes a few days before the wedding and leave the coverage and editing for the last time. Prepare and bake each of the floors of our white wedding cake. Once cool, wrap them first in plastic wrap and then foil and freeze. The day before the wedding thaw each of the floors at room temperature. Read more…

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Cakes for the Wedding

Cakes for the WeddingWedding cakes are usually several stories in cake, the center of the cake buffet at a wedding are. Wedding cakes are usually coated with icing and frosting or marzipan decorated. Selected figures are usually typical wedding motifs such as hearts, roses, and rings, designed as a wedding couple or a dedication of the names of the couple. The Wedding cakes are often topped with a pie top. The most popular forms of cake are the self-supporting form, the shelf, the box or the spiral shape. A typical wedding custom is that the bride and groom, the wedding cakes buffet by common cutting the wedding cake opened. Read more…

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Brides Today Go For Simple But Elegant In White Wedding Cakes

Brides Today Go For Simple But Elegant In White Wedding CakesSpring and fall are the busiest times of year for local wedding cake bakers. It’s not so much that love is in the air then, it’s that the stiffing humidity is not, area pastry chefs say.

“Contrary to popular belief, most weddings here are not in June. They happen in March, April and May. Summer is real slow, and things crank up again in October and November,” says Rick Clayton, who has worked as director of catering at Le Meridian Hotel for the past seven years.

Couples’ preference for the cooler, drier months bodes well for local bakeries: Buttercream icing, widely used on white wedding cakes, holds up much better in such weather, says Janina Simmons, director of sales at independent caterer Food Art. Read more…

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