Great Unusual Wedding Venue

Great Unusual Wedding Venue

Since wedding is a very special event, having unusual wedding venue will be a great to think about. The unusual wedding venue feels so special.  This is one of unusual wedding venue you can think about. World Yacht offers the possibility to realize your dream wedding venue. Let us take your wedding at sea aboard a boat with live jazz music on the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean Barcelona.

Awesome Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Awesome Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Thinking about outdoor wedding ideas? Today couples are made​​thousands of ideas for their wedding day and something that is very fashionable to do these outdoor wedding ideas, that is, on the beach or in the garden. For either of these two options, there is much creativity involved, and that the decor will have a major role in one of these outdoor wedding ideas. The setting is a beach that it […]

black and white wedding decor pinterest

Black and White Wedding Theme

A wedding theme black and white  is an elegant and brilliant. This color combination always looks spectacular, relatively easy to implement. When considered together with the wedding invitations, wedding theme, flowers, reception decorations and place cards on the table, gifts, wedding favors and wedding dresses. Apply to coordinate thewedding color theme in all aspects of your wedding day choice. Wedding Invitation A wedding invitation designed in black and white is easily […]

Wedding Cake Jamaica, Colorful and Delicious

Wedding Cake Jamaica, Colorful and Delicious

Wedding Cake Jamaica can be a good choice of wedding cake because it is offers more tan sweet and delicious taste but also nice and unique appearance. The wedding cake Jamaica can be very good especially if you use Jamaica wedding themes. The wedding themes and concept will affect everything of your wedding such as the wedding favor and wedding cake selection. The Jamaica wedding themes are so close with […]

Small Wedding Ideas A Great Alternative

Small Wedding Ideas

Small Wedding Ideas are something you should find if you want to hold a small wedding and make the small wedding feels awesome. Lots of people choose the small wedding because they want the wedding to be more sacred and quite. This is like a private wedding party where you only invite some of your friends and your family. If you think about the crowd, the small wedding must be […]

Wedding Catering Menu

How to Choose the Best Wedding Catering

Wedding is the day when it will be remembered not only for the newlywed but also for the guests during the unforgettable moment that you have. There are many things to consider if you are going to hold your wedding and invite a lot of guests. Apart from the wedding invitation, wedding stationery, wedding destination, actually wedding catering should be included the main consideration for the people who are going […]

wedding coordinator cost

Wedding Coordinator Handles Your Wedding Perfectly

When you decide to get married, there are a lot of things to be prepared, to be planned, and also to be thought about before dealing it. You need to think about the place or the venue where you will hold the ceremony, the catering that you will choose and arrange the menu, the people whom you are going to invite when the ceremony takes place, the setting and the […]

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